We Drown Without Any Rain

i listen to phoebe bridgers so i can feel something
the sadness, i think, is better than nothing
tears seep out, they’re silent but wet
and i remember how i lost the life long bet
the one i made with my heart on my sleeve
but nothing i did would ever make her believe
so she yelled at me hurt under the stars
and now we both have deep emotional scars
and we feel lost but can’t seem to understand
that we’re so damn close to the promised land
i laughed last week inside the dinosaur
so it wouldn’t remind me of her anymore
but i can still see her smile behind my closed eyes
my heart and my soul just can’t compromise
and i can’t sing a lick worth a damn
but i’ll write true words about who i am
and she’ll put on a shiny dress when she can
to sing songs about an emotional con man
i can’t listen but she says it’s all that matters
even the deepest denial wants to be flattered
so a picture of my mind was poorly painted
and she’s the one who comes off as sane and sainted
the latter’s fine, i suppose, and i really, truly mean it
i guess true love survives even when the meteor hits it
but i still go numb at times to escape all the pain
under the california sun, we drown without any rain

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