Coup de foudre

Coup de foudre.

A flash of lightning. A thunderbolt. Love at first sight.

Ask me to sum up To Be Her Girl, and that’s what I may tell you. It’s about coup de foudre, which in the French language of love speaks of the surprise and exhilaration of instant love. But like the literal meaning of a flash of lightning or thunderbolt suggests, a storm is on the horizon. Because as it turns out—love at first sight is less romantic than it is confusing. And for Callahan Thomas, that moment of coup de foudre is amplified by her ongoing depression and the bewildering connection—one deeper than love—that binds her to Iris Humphrey.

To Be Her Girl is not merely a love story, but a reckoning of self-identity. It is a story of a longing, of an anguishing heartbreak so extreme that only hope keeps Callahan alive. But when even hope feels out of reach, maybe the only way to truly find her way to Iris—is to find her way to herself first.

To Be Her Girl is now available on Kindle and paperback. You can purchase it here.

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