Red Headed Gypsy

I fell in love with a red headed gypsy
In the city of LA.
I couldn’t stop her from, uh,
Making my life a trauma.
She stole my heart away.
Walk down the grocery aisle
In my panic style;
Would something go my way?
Cause now I can’t breathe;
Mint chip ice cream;
Down to the floor I go.
Get in the child’s pose,
Then relax my toes.
Does anybody know?
What is happening?
Making a scene,
What a horrid show.
Life in a fish bowl
Really takes its toll.
No, I can’t hear you.
Everything is mumbled;
All lost in the jungle;
I’ve got tunnel view.
My mind is in a flashback.
I feel under attack.
How can I help you?
That red headed gypsy
Really made me tipsy.
Where do I go from here?
So much left unsaid.
She left me for dead.
It all remains unclear.
What could we have done?
Blinded by the sun;
We both wanted to steer.

I look in the mirror,
Wipe away my tears,
And stand in who I am.
The love was suffocating.
Lack of communicating.
The past, it was so grim.
But what could I have changed?
So I’ll just turn the page,
And remind her of Tim.

May 2019.

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